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Jamal Parker

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Jamal Parker

Jamal Parker

Poetry Slam Champion, Author, Artist, Advertising Creative

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Jamal Parker is an international poetry slam champion, award winning author, teaching artist, and advertising creative. He also secretly raps once a month, and you can find him playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate on any given weekend. He currently is a Creative at Translation LLC & United Masters. His work explores race, masculinity, mental health, spirituality, hip hop, incarceration and police brutality while also platforming Black resilience and joy. As a performer he views art as a method to critique, entertain, and educate audiences with elements of activism, political satire, and escapism.

Jamal is a two-time TEDx Speaker / Performer and 2017 Philly Pigeon Grand Slam Champion. He is also a two-time International Poetry Slam Champion – formerly winning both Brave New Voices and the College Union Poetry Slam Invitational. He is a graduate of the One Club's ONE School Program, where he finished with Honors as one of the Top 3 students in the East Coast.

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