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2023 Denver Awards - Social Media

Hi South Dakota Barbie

Agency Karsh Hagan / Denver

Client Travel South Dakota


Social Post / Real-time Response

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Astronaut Barbie. Beekeeper Barbie. What about South Dakota Barbie? Two weeks before the release of 2023’s Barbie film, BuzzFeed made a post showing what AI envisioned each state’s doll to look like. The article got lots of buzz, but we thought their South Dakota Barbie failed to embrace and represent everything the state has to offer. So, we too had AI create a South Dakota Barbie but with more accurate results. We generated all sorts of fun interpretations, showcasing a variety of true South Dakota personalities and activities. Not only did it make for fun content, but it made some noise on social, too.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 7

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Karsh Hagan / Denver

Chief Creative Officer

Jeff Martin

Creative Director

Camille King


Nick Marranzino

Executive Creative Director

Dave Cook

Social Media Manager

Avery Anderson

Social Designer

Matthew Munson

VP of Account Service

Lauren Corna
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