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1UP the Wait

Agency Denver Ad School / denver

Client Nintendo Switch


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Life is full of waiting. Waiting for errands, waiting for your ride, waiting for your food… Americans lose a collective 37 billion hours a year waiting for something in line. Instead of scrolling aimlessly on your phone or zoning out, make the most of your time by playing Nintendo Switch & 1UP the Wait. ACTIVATIONS: MTA Mario Makeover- We’ll take over New York City’s MTA system with a Nintendo makeover, promoting Switch device usage during travel time. Subway entrances & bus stops will be transformed using Mario’s green warp pipe system, along with other Switch-ified transit elements. Pass the Line- Thanks to the Switch device’s RIFD technology, players never have to look up or pause when using turnstiles. We’ll utilize this tap system to create a Switch home for all your MTA passes, automatically connecting to the gates. Time to Travel- We’ll partner with Expedia to offer a Switch app, providing special in-game perks & items when synced with your travel information. Players will get additional rewards if there's a delay or change in plans. Reward Your Patience- Switch players will get exclusive in-game benefits based on the locations they bring their devices to. Different locations will offer unique, in-game items, so there’s always a reason to keep your device in hand. Celebrate the Wait- We’ll throw the ultimate countdown party for those spending their precious time waiting for hyped-up events, releases for clothing, events, & even new Nintendo game releases. Switch devices will be passed out to those waiting countless hours in line to start the party before it even begins. To see the whole campaign, check out

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