Miami Awards

2022 Miami Awards - Student

Black Girl Gamers Branding

Agency University of Miami / Miami

Client Black Girl Gamers


Student / Branding

Annual ID



Dedicated to empowering Black girls in gaming since 2015, Black Girl Gamers blossomed from a fledgling Facebook group to an international family of over 8,000 members. We were tasked with the hefty challenge of putting a new twist on the award-winning group’s branding and design while keeping true to the heart and wonderfully nerdy soul of BGG’s original branding. With a striking color palette consisting of pinks and purples like “Power-Up Purple”, our campaign keeps to the brand’s original message by loudly and proudly announcing that femininity is badass. By combining the original branding design with a variety of influences from cyberpunk and kawaii culture, we have devised a dazzling, colorful, geeked-out, and chic-ed out campaign that’s sure to delight the hearts of any gamer.

2022 Awards

Student Silver Winner


Chief Design Officer

Giovanni Aprigliano

College / University

University of Miami / Miami

Chief Copywriter

Julia Sanbe
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