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2022 Miami Awards - Student


Agency Miami Ad School / Miami + Florida International University / Miami

Client Trojan


Student / Integrated Campaign

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When people think of gender inequality, the first thing that comes to mind is the wage gap, because as of 2022, women earn 9% less than men in the U.S... But what if we told you there was another gap far wider and more intrinsic to women’s well-being than that.

The Orgasm Gap: women orgasm 35% less than men during sex. They have been receiving the short end of the stick for years… literally. The "O Gap" exists because 50% of men use porn as their primary source of sex education. So as the #1 sex brand in the U.S., Trojan will teach men how Cliteracy on the platform they use the most, Pornhub. Introducing Trojan Orgasm University. Women cum first.

2022 Awards

Student Bronze Winner


Art Director

Justin Alcala
Poornima Verma


Ander Perez

College / University

Miami Ad School / Miami
Florida International University / Miami


Federico Giraldo
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