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2022 Miami Awards - Student

Google G Spot

Agency University of Miami / Miami

Client Google Fonts & HMCT


Student / Integrated Campaign

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We believe that sex education should grant individuals the freedom to explore their bodies without shame. Our focus on the intersection of typography and sex education resulted in the creation of a typeface that reflects the idea of a comfortable and welcoming space. As the No. 1 website in the world, Google is the most popular destination for individuals seeking answers to just about anything. We wanted to redirect users to a spot that would provide them with reliable and up to date information. The goal is to inspire change across various communities by challenging the preconceived notions regarding sexual health and safety.

2022 Awards

Student Merit Winner


Art Director

Giovanni Aprigliano
Maria Emilia Becerra


Abigail Pak
Cristina Ameller


Keagan Larkins

College / University

University of Miami / Miami
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