Next Creative Leaders 2017

Lucia Orlandi

Creative Director

I'm a Creative Director and Designer originally from Limerick, Ireland. My dad is Italian, and my mom's Irish so my name definitely doesn't match my accent. Growing up I spent a lot of time in both Ireland and Italy. This definitely set me up in an environment supportive of travel and an insatiable curiosity

My background is design, but my career is informed by said curiosity. It's what I lean on to collaborate with my peers, learn new skills, experiment with technology, observe the world around me and more importantly inform my work. I'm more inspired by Solange's 'Seat at the Table' with Carlota Guerrero than the latest link shared out by Adweek.

I'm currently based out of San Francisco, where I work at R/GA as the Creative Director & Lead of our Google account, working in partnership with their Brand Studio team.

For the past ten years I've crafted dynamic design systems and campaigns for beauty, luxury and lifestyle brands at award-winning creative agencies across the globe - spending time in Dublin and Toronto before arriving in the US in 2012.

I joined R/GA's New York office in 2014 as the creative lead on L'Or

We Are America Agency: Lucia Orlandi Client: Ad Council Category: Next Creative Leaders / Year: 2017
Ladies Get Paid Agency: Lucia Orlandi Client: Ladies Get Paid Category: Next Creative Leaders / Year: 2017
Gloden Globes Agency: Lucia Orlandi Client: L'Or Category: Next Creative Leaders / Year: 2017
Remarkably Uncommon Agency: Lucia Orlandi Client: Leading Hotels of the World Category: Next Creative Leaders / Year: 2017




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