Next Creative Leaders 2017

Micaela Gallino

Art Director

I'm Mica, an Argentinian Senior Creative Art Director at Johannes Leonardo. I've been fortunate enough to work for brands such as Adidas Originals, Coca-cola, Samsung, Wall Street Journal, Mondelez, Huggies, Literacy Partners and Lomas Oral among others.

I learn when I teach, so I've been passionate about teaching for more than 5 years creativity and graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires, giving talks and workshops at different creative events in schools like Brother or Centro University of Mexico.

I'm also a side projects lover, I believe that creativity can take place and shape anywhere and everywhere. My latest project is , Food becomes a luxury when you don't have it, a jewelry collection that exposes what food means to an alarming number of people.

Here is a thought about our role in this industry:

"Love what you did with that campaign. It doesn't seem to have been thought by a woman", "was this done by a female creative? Amazing" "You've got a great sense of humor, not feminine at all" I've heard this comments so many times during my career that I even got confused a few believing that "I love your work, you think like a guy" was a nice compliment. Sad, right' And how many others have felt proud for being more "manly" in their creative process'

If we want to make advertising better and more inclusive, let's then not only think about having more women in creative roles, let's think about changing the way we think, judge and understand ideas as a whole. Let's rethink about how we judge our selves as creatives. Because if we don't learn how to feel proud and change the perception of our male and female colleges it will be a thought, very thought journey to be valued in this industry.

Let's add our thoughts about brands and people and not win territory by thinking just "like them". Let's not only add women in advertising, let's add a feminine point of view and feel proud of it.

Rising Voices Agency: Micaela Gallino Client: Lomas Oral Category: Next Creative Leaders / Year: 2017
What kids read Agency: Micaela Gallino Client: Literacy Partners Category: Next Creative Leaders / Year: 2017
Foodxury Agency: Micaela Gallino Client: Fundaci Category: Next Creative Leaders / Year: 2017
Ambitious Hours Agency: Micaela Gallino Client: Wall Street Journal Category: Next Creative Leaders / Year: 2017




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