Next Creative Leaders 2018

Nedal Ahmed


My first trip to New York and taste of the city’s advertising scene was because I was named one of AAF's Most Promising Minority Students as a college senior. As soon as I got here, I knew this was where I wanted to end up. I may not have had that chance if it weren't for people and organizations who make it a priority to improve inclusion in our industry. That's something that's motivated me during my career so far, and it's something I try to also extend to my work. I believe the stories we can tell are only as diverse as the voices we have to tell them. In my own work, I try to use any chance I have to work on projects that can go beyond marketing and make a positive contribution towards our society. Sometimes it's as big as a campaign that gets millions talking and sometimes it's as small as a casting choice. There are so many decisions we make along the creative process that are an opportunity to help reframe the way people see the world and fellow people.

The Talk Agency: Nedal Ahmed Client: P&G Category: Next Creative Leaders Year: 2018
Mama Said Knock You Out Agency: Nedal Ahmed Client: Chase Category: Next Creative Leaders Year: 2018
One Good Reason Agency: Nedal Ahmed Client: CVS Category: Next Creative Leaders Year: 2018
Love Notes Agency: Nedal Ahmed Client: Humana Category: Next Creative Leaders Year: 2018




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