Next Creative Leaders 2019

Brynna Aylward

Associate Creative Director

When I first started in this business, I believed that as an advertising creative, I could make a difference—I could change the world. And I still believe this to be true. But experience has reshaped what world-changing looks like to me.

I had the privilege of working on National Safety Council's Prescribed to Death, which sparked conversation in major news outlets and received gold pencils and gold lions alike.

I also spearheaded two non-profit side projects that fought for gender equality—Respect Her + What She Was Wearing—one of which was screened at D&AD and Cannes.

I launched a campaign to remove the stigma from birth mothers, another that sought to bring corporate responsibility dollars to grassroots organizations, another that redefined teachers as super heroes.

And while they did amazing things to increase awareness, none of these campaigns had the impact that I had anticipated as a young creative—none of them singlehandedly changed the world.

Instead, it's been the everyday experiences where I saw the biggest impact. The small choices. Pushing for a diverse junior hire and then watching her get poached by an even better agency. Fighting to include an unknown team on a high-exposure project and watching them knock it out of the park. Seeing a former mentee fiercely advocate for a mentee of their own.

My junior-self wasn't totally wrong—great creative can make a difference. But experience has taught me that great leadership is what can really change the world, even if it's just one person's world.

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Prescribed To Death Agency: Brynna Aylward Client: National Safety Council Category: Next Creative Leaders Year: 2019
What She Was Wearing Agency: Brynna Aylward Client: PAVE Category: Next Creative Leaders Year: 2019
Believe Agency: Brynna Aylward Client: AT&T Category: Next Creative Leaders Year: 2019
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