Next Creative Leaders 2019

Erin Evon

Senior Art Director

As a female creative, I've learned first-hand what's it's like to not have your voice heard and be in an environment that caters to stereotypical gender roles. I've worked with executives who have told me to find a "male partner to succeed" or don't get "pigeon-holed in feminine or beauty products" because it will be the end of my career. I know that I'm proof that you can succeed despite these stereotypes, and that all it takes is the opportunity to have your voice heard. Because of this experience, I've made a point to create work that engages culture and tells the story of those less likely to be heard. I do this as an example to the next generation of creatives while mentoring them in order to give them the same opportunity.

I started my career at Saatchi & Saatchi NY as a creative assistant. I worked hard, and during my first year, I was able to sell and produce my first campaign for Miller Lite. I worked my way up and moved onto Tide, transforming it into a brand that takes creative risks and made the "It's a Tide Ad" campaign for Super Bowl 52.

Within my agency, R/GA NY, I am a member of WomanUp, a female networking platform, and I mentor Miami Ad School interns, setting up lunches to introduce them to Executive Creative Directors and the heads of recruitment. I make a point to work with female interns to encourage them to enter the creative field and have been an ongoing mentor to two talented female creatives out of Miami Ad School, Toronto as they finish their program.

Outside of my agency, I am the first member of SLMBR PRTY, an all-women's production company and networking collective, with the goal to unite women from producers, directors, editors, sound mixers, writers, cinematographers, colorists, VFX artists, and everything in between.

I also created Insight Supply, an initiative to make insights more accessible to the community. Typically, it has been on individuals to find useful insights for briefs and proactive ideas. Although there are well-known issues and facts that creatives and planners can address, there is no simple tool that curates them for anyone to use and get inspiration. I created Insight Supply to encourage proactive thinking and to bring light to voices that are typically unheard. Currently, there are over 100 insights across categories that include: gender equality, education, environment, and human rights, to name a few.

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