Next Creative Leaders 2019

Marie-Claire Maalouf

Creative Director

Marie-Claire holds a Master's degree in Creative Advertising and a Bachelor's degree in 2D/3D Animation from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts. Graduating top of her year in 2005, she received an excellence award and was offered an internship in France at the ENSAD — École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. During her diploma presentation in 2006, she was offered to join the Impact BBDO group. She's been with them for over a decade, working on their wide range of global brands including campaigns for Galaxy chocolate (encouraging women to express themselves in GCC countries and seek pleasure), Lay's Forno (riding the changes that are happening in Saudi Arabia and encouraging women to freely express their choices), Sadia (promoting partnerships between husband and wife in Saudi Arabia).

She's also worked on many award winning and globally recognized initiatives / Pro Bono projects, including the "Mutilated Words Campaign" that raises awareness against female genital mutilation in Egypt, the "Toxic Flag Stunt", that raises awareness in Lebanon on the dangers of building incinerators in the city of Beirut to solve the garbage crisis, she also worked on the "The wall of music installation" in the heart of Beirut, designed to turn war bullet holes into musical notes.

Her work has been recognised at Dubai Lynx, D&AD, Adfest, Global Cristal Festival, MENA Cristal, Effies and Cannes Lions — she has even hugged a real lion.

Marie-Claire was a Juror in Cannes, New York Festival and Mena Cristals.

Beyond advertising, Marie-Claire is a Certified PKP Kinesiologist and a Faculty PKP Teacher through KinesioCoach Dubai and accredited by ICPKP New Zealand. She has also done energy studies through the Pranic Healing system. She uses the tenants of what she learned to spread a positive culture with the people she works with and create a healthy, collaborative environment.

She participitated in a Panel Discussion on Dubai Lynx stage to talk about Women life in Advertising in the Arab region, she's soon going to do a talk in Spikes Asia about the "Power Of Positive Language".

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Mutilated Words Agency: Marie-Claire Maalouf Client: 28 too many in partnership with Tadwein Category: Next Creative Leaders Year: 2019
Toxic Flag Agency: Marie-Claire Maalouf Client: Waste Management Coalition Category: Next Creative Leaders Year: 2019
Wall Of Music Agency: Marie-Claire Maalouf Client: Pepsico Category: Next Creative Leaders Year: 2019
Life's Lighter With Maltesers Agency: Marie-Claire Maalouf Client: Maltesers Category: Next Creative Leaders Year: 2019




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