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Toddler Driving Test

Agency DDB New Zealand

Client Autism NZ


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Autism is a serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to interact and communicate. Early diagnosis and support can have huge benefits in adult life, but unfortunately, the average age of diagnosis in New Zealand is nearly 7, which misses vital developmental stages. It needs to be reduced to age 2.

But parents don’t know what signs to look for, and therefore don’t know their child should be tested. So, instead of trying to convince every parent to bring their toddler in for testing, we went to them, by designing a test to be taken in the one place every 2-year-old can be found: their car seat.

1.) We created a 60 second audio quiz that helps parents check for early signs of autism. It was played during playschool pick up and drop off times.

2.) The test instructed parents to give their child simple tasks which tested signs like eye contact, name recognition, cognitive engagement & social awareness.

3.) If toddlers didn’t respond as expected, parents were directed to a website, gently educated about autism, and encouraged to book a diagnostic test.

1x Bronze Cannes Lion
1x Silver AWARD (Australasia)
1x Silver Axis Award (National)
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I work very closely with Autism NZ to identify problems both that they are experiencing, as well as from my perspective as a previous A.B.A. Therapist and a sibling of someone with Autism.. Because of this, I bring a dual-perspective when concepting a campaign. On this project I worked closely with current A.B.A. Therapists, and a copywriter to script and write the test and web copy. I illustrated the visuals, and designed the website for toddlerdrivingtest.com.

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