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Stop Tapping

Agency FP7 Mccann Dubai

Client Dubai Foundation for Women and Children


Region - Middle East / North Africa

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Physically abusing a woman is prohibited in every religion. Yet, it happens.
In Islam, men have been found to misuse phrases from religion as a justification for domestic violence; such as “If you want your wife’s attention, you may get it with a light tap.” (Religious verse in Islam)
Whilst on the contrary if a tap hurts one’s wife, it is not acceptable as Islam commands men to be kind and compassionate to women, and if they hurt a woman, it is said to be hurting God.
But men misuse the ‘light tap’ as a justification for physical domestic abuse as those light taps escalate to serious harm.
We turned the “Tap” feature of Instagram Stories into a tool against domestic abuse. And showed men that what they construe as a ‘light tap’ was in fact domestic abuse.
Through a woman’s profile, we followed men leading them to visit her profile on Instagram (@lifeof_farah) and uncover her story.
Then, as they tapped through her Instagram story, they saw how a light tap can escalate and that no tap is a light tap.
The story closes with a directive on what to do next to help get the message rolling.

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FP7 Mccann Dubai

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My Role in This Project
My role in this project started from ideation all the way to execution. I was the main lead on the project and worked closely with my creative partner to bring the idea to life.
Given the very low budget allocated for this project , the entire execution of the campaign was done in house - with me leading all disciplines from shoot photography, retouching, digital executions.
We're very proud of this idea and were overwhelmed with the positive response and support which led to us to being invited by Instagram MENA and Kay Hsu [Global Lead, Instagram at Creative Shop New York] to represent the agency and share the idea as an original and unique piece of work on Instagram Stories.

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