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2022 Next Creative Leaders - NCL Profile

Joss Ng'ang'a

Agency Joss Ng'ang'a

Client NCL 2022


Middle East and Africa

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Next Creative Leaders 2022 - Winner Profile

Joss Ng'ang'a

Dentsu Creative
Nairobi, Kenya

Region: Africa

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If you look up “jobs with writing not writer” you’ll stumble upon advertising. It’s a search that could be featured in a Grammarly ad but it's also one of the searches that got me here.

My love for words.

I stepped into advertising a curious, wide-eyed & hungry millennial. I thought my days would be a script off of a Netflix girl boss show. Well, the last couple of years have been nothing like I expected. I’ve worked with dream brands and worked on lots of banners too. I’ve found community and founded beautiful friendships. I’ve stumbled, fumbled and I still get sweaty palms right before a presentation. As the chapters have evolved, I’ve come to believe in grounding ideas in moments of truth. A truth I’ve learnt along the way is we can’t wait for other people to change our narratives. I’m at a point in my journey where I’m uncomfortable. I see how this industry can do so much more for the people within it. Being part of the Loeries Youth Committee has been one of those leaps towards creating the change. For better systems. For black voices. For community.

That curious, wide-eyed, hungry millennial

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NCL Winner


NCL Winner

Joss Ng'ang'a
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