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Next Creative Leaders is a portfolio competition that identifies, celebrates, and gives a global platform to talented, gender expansive creatives who are making their mark on the world with both their work and a unique point of view on creative leadership.

2022 Next Creative Leaders - NCL Profile

Julia Malavazzi

Agency Julia Malavazzi

Client NCL 2022


Latin America

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Next Creative Leaders 2022 - Winner Profile

Júlia Malavazzi

Júlia Malavazzi

São Paulo, Brazil

Region: Latin America

Since I started working in HR (yes, that's right), I've always been one of the few women in the room. As my path finally led me to advertising, I found myself surrounded by men even more than before. It seemed like being a creative was not for us.

Although it's tough to deal with the insecurity, I think it molds us to be even stronger and more complete professionals. And I believe that the experience of being a woman in a predominantly male environment made me realize how powerful it is for us to be here.

Today I think that we're privileged to have such a big platform in our hands to talk about things that have never been said before. We have the power to actually impact people around the world making them look at things differently, opening themselves up to discussions they had never thought of having, and making people laugh with campaigns that bring them joy.

It's this type of work that I have been trying to do and hope to continue doing in the coming years. All this while listening to good music and sharing my journey with people I love and who inspire me.

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NCL Winner


NCL Winner

Júlia Malavazzi
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