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Next Creative Leaders is a portfolio competition that identifies, celebrates, and gives a global platform to talented women and non-binary creatives who are making their mark on the world with both their work and a unique point of view on creative leadership.

2018 Next Creative Leaders - NCL Profile

Julie Matheny

Agency Julie Matheny

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NCL 2018

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Next Creative Leaders 2018 - Winner Profile

Julie Matheny

Julie Matheny


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Julie grew up in New Jersey, which is a fact that "totally makes sense" to people when they find out. She got her BA at The College of William & Mary, her Masters at VCU Brandcenter, and has since spent her time in an industry full of really smart people trying to pretend she's one of them. She's been incredibly fortunate to work at a wide variety of agencies on an even wider variety of clients, from Mailchimp to The New York Times, from Google to Conoco Gas, from Target to Dr. Pepper. Not in that order, obviously, but she assumes you get what she's trying to do with the whole juxtaposition thing.

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