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2019 Next Creative Leaders - NCL Profile

Sali Horsey &
Zoe Nash

Agency Sali Horsey & Zoe Nash

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NCL 2019

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Next Creative Leaders 2019 - Winner Profile

Sali Horsey & Zoe Nash

Sali Horsey & Zoe Nash

Copywriter & Art Director

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Sali Horsey
One half of a female creative team working at adam&eveDDB for four years. My other half is Zoe Nash :)

We work across all the brands & have made everything from traditional TV to our own brand of anti pollution plants.

As one of only a few female teams in the agency we're very anxious to encourage more diversity in advertising and mentor often at schemes such as: The ideas foundation, Pitch futures, Media Trust, Advertising unlocked.

We also spoke at Adweek 2019 about helping get kids from all backgrounds into the industry.

Within the agency we represent the creative department in the internal committee.

Outside of advertising we've created campaigns about the gender pay gap for MP Stella Creasy, partnered with illustrators to create more diverse covers for children's books & tried to save the world with our plants...!

Zoe Nash
One half of a creative team with Sali Horsey, we started on the Watford course and landed at adamandeveddb. We love to create things that either make a change or make people laugh. What more could you want.

To this point we have made a range of work from traditional christmas campaigns to sanitary pads made of newspaper and we often produce work outside of the agency for other causes we believe in. Whether that is re-illustrating children's books to include more diversity or creating a women's discount card to close the pay gap!

As you can probably tell, one common theme is championing women. Which is why I apply to this, not as an individual, but as a team of two with my brilliant creative partner Sali Horsey. We have worked together for 5 years and I am proud to say that our achievements are joint.

Within the agency we also sit on an internal committee, voicing the agency opinions and pushing for change. Within the industry we work to increase diversity by running talks and workshops in partnership with organisations such as Pitch Futures, Media Trust and Advertising Unlocked.

Also because this job is far too fun to keep quiet about!

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