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Next Creative Leaders is a portfolio competition that identifies, celebrates, and gives a global platform to talented women and non-binary creatives who are making their mark on the world with both their work and a unique point of view on creative leadership.

2020 Next Creative Leaders - NCL Profile

Marina Erthal

Agency Marina Erthal

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Next Creative Leaders 2020 - Winner Profile

Marina Erthal

Marina Erthal

Creative Director
Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Hi! My name is Marina and I’m from Sao Paulo. I was born in a small city in Brazil (Cuiabá - MT). I was always very shy and introvert and one day an opportunity came up to be part of a reality show where the prize was a job at a major advertising agency (The Apprentice - do you know?). I won it with all my soul! It changed my whole life. I was forced to be different and that shy girl now a days is a woman full of attitude, leadership, full of courage and personality. I wasn't easy to be a woman, young and came from a reality show in the creative team but deep down those things only made me stronger - now Im a Creative Director - the role that I always dreamed about!

I have worked for 11 years at Y&R as Copywriter and now I’m CD at CUBOCC. Throughout all my career in Brazil, I've always been very concerned with creating projects that could somehow help people, with the purpose of generating value in our society, leaving my mark and my legacy. This could be pro-bono actions for clients who couldn’t afford it, either with the aim of spreading gender or social equality, or to make people's lives easier: my purpose has always been, in the daily rush with other jobs , cherish my heart by creating this kind of material. It has always been my moment of rest, fun, and pleasure: helping others, helping the world, and seeing myself as part of some change. This is not just a text. Proof of this is in most of my ideas at my portfolio: whether it's fighting for gender equality (Princess Revolution), or encouraging blood donation (Rewearable dress), or organ donation (waiting ticket), sharing a new law that guarantees more rights for women (Next minute scene), better life quality for Alzheimer's patients (The Life Edition) and much more. The purpose has always been to make a difference.

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