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2020 Next Creative Leaders - NCL Profile

Imen Soltani

Agency Imen Soltani

Client NCL 2020


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Next Creative Leaders 2020 - Winner Profile

Imen Soltani

Imen Soltani

TBWA\Media Arts Lab
Los Angeles, USA

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I’m a creative with skills in both copywriting and art direction, who was originally a translator with a background in Literature and Linguistics. I hail from Tunisia, a small North African country in the middle of the Mediterranean, with so much history. I’m a Miami Ad School alum and I currently work at TBWAMedia Arts Lab where I’ve been on multiple projects for almost every Apple product and service. In my five years in advertising, two of which in Ad school, I’ve won multiple awards for my work including The Refugee Nation for Amnesty International which kickstarted my career, and my first big campaign at MAL, Bounce for Apple Airpods, which has earned me my first promotion.

As I believe that work is a form a prayer, I think that a job shouldn’t just be materialistically rewarding but essentially spiritually and morally fulfilling. Gratification is derived from doing your very best to enjoy anything you do, and making sure that everyone is also feeling the same way. The communal human experience inside a workplace, is extremely important for its prosperity, and that’s why I really try to create avenues for myself and others to be able to speak up and come together inside the office.

In my two and a half years at MAL, I’ve always dedicated time to be involved in any initiative, that can foster culture, togetherness and belonging. Many of my own experiences as an advertising new comer, with an international background, have been the motivation for my efforts in making the workplace better; an endeavor that our entire office is rallying behind. My time as a Junior was one that pushed me to actively work on a mentorship program for those who came after me, to facilitate their integration. My experience in school as an intern, pushed me along many others, to make the case for having an internship program within MAL, which has become a reality. I’m now a mentor to our first resident interns, who will be joining us in September and we’re all looking forward to having them.

Lastly, and ever since I was in college, I’ve always worked with organizations and causes, which is something I kept doing when I moved to the US, most recently with a year and a half effort for a surf therapy non profit, helping kids with disability in LA and about a month ago, some of us at MAL, started mapping out a boutique pro-bono department within our agency, that will service NGOs, small businesses and minority projects, and I’m really excited for this effort to see the light of day.

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