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Next Creative Leaders is a portfolio competition that identifies, celebrates, and gives a global platform to talented, gender expansive creatives who are making their mark on the world with both their work and a unique point of view on creative leadership.

2020 Next Creative Leaders - NCL Profile

Haylie Craig

Agency Haylie Craig

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Next Creative Leaders 2020 - Winner Profile

Haylie Craig

Haylie Craig

Sr. Art Director
Colenso BBDO
Auckland, New Zealand

I’m an introvert and the creative/advertising industry. It isn't easy. Every day I feel like I'm walking against the current. I could go with it, it would be easier. Easier not to question things or speak up but I have to. Because I want to see more introverted leaders in the industry. I also forget that I'm included in another minority the LGBTQI community. It isn't a label I shout from the rooftops, but maybe that is because I'm trying to protect myself and not be discriminated against. It still happens. The more leaders we can see from this community the better. The more included you feel and safe. If you can't see any leaders like you, you feel out of place or lost even.

I'm also a creative who sits at the intersection of art and technology - empowering clients and partners to tell stories and reach audiences in new ways. I deliver digital, data, integrated communication campaigns and tech led innovation solutions, in order to help solve our client's business problems. I use digital, social and comms to make a difference in the world. And in the recent past have worked on side projects to help those in the 3% e.g. Equal Lens - where we highlight women and non-binary photographers. Just because you are a women doesn't mean sports, cars, beer etc is off limits and it's time to change that. Or Hungry Creatives - an early on project designed to help creatives starting out in the industry wether that be as a Director, Illustrator or writer and pair them up with someone successful in their field of passion.

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