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2021 Next Creative Leaders - NCL Profile

Yasmina Boustani

Agency Yasmina Boustani

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Next Creative Leaders 2021 - Winner Profile

Yasmina Boustani

Yasmina Boustani

Associate Creative Director
Impact BBDO
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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I like to call myself a creative problem solver. I believe we’ve moved past the old construct of art director and copywriter. We are all “Ideators” and this is what I believe I am. Equality ranges from the virtues of gender to parity - and the effects of it cascade against layers and disciplines that is beyond the realm of our workspace. A woman should be given the same opportunities as men not more just based on her gender. And I bring this belief in my work.

A campaign such as “TheNewNational Anthem” was an awareness campaign against inequality in Lebanon. Seeped in the very crux of the nation - the national anthem of the country only addressed men.

To get women to participate and lead the revolution, we shocked the country by rewriting the national anthem. While the anthem previously read “the birthplace of men”, we changed it to “the birthplace of women and men”.

A simple, but effective narration of what the world needs to view the equality as, was merely a pebble in the pile of mountain I'd like to create with my ambition of what I envision this world to be - all for one, one for all.

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