2021 Next Creative Leaders Jury

CJ Fiala (they/them)

Hue & Cry
Content Director

CJ Fiala started their career as a copywriter and strategist, working with renowned Swedish advertising talent Maria Tamander. After five years working in hospitality and establishing the first woman-landlady female-head chef pub restaurant in London, they explored marketing and communications in LGBT education in the UK. In 2017, they were commissioned to write a book to help facilitate conversations around gender diversity.

An international award-winning poet and academic, CJ is completing a PhD in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths University. Their thesis explores the radical potential of Queer Liminality as a space for creative play. A lifelong activist, they were a contributing member of the longest-running FTM Youtube channel on Youtube, as well as co-founder of Queerpack - a woman and non-binary centred community organisation that organises meet-ups and events all over London.

In 2021, CJ became Content Director at the creative agency Hue & Cry. They are married to Hap, a Two-Spirit trans-masc Ojibwe from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and occasionally less-than-proud parent of French bulldogs Tiggy and Oshiimeyan.




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