2021 Next Creative Leaders Jury

Geoff Donegan

Tank Design
Executive Creative Director

Geoff Donegan is Executive Creative Director at Tank Design, a leading Brand and Experience Design agency based in Boston and San Francisco.

Born in Dublin, raised in Amsterdam and London and now living and working in the States, Geoff is a global citizen with a point-of-view formed at the cross-section of so many imperatives: from art to commerce, corporate design to subway graffiti, KPIs to human connection, history to innovation, consumer research to intuition. This has helped shape a wide-ranging and distinct design sensibility that he brings to every client, brand and experience.

At agencies in Amsterdam, London and now at Tank, Geoff has led the development of impactful brand initiatives and experiences for organizations such as FedEx, Amnesty International, The Royal Institute of British Architects, Aetna, Google and Coursera to name just a few.

Geoff has a passion for helping young and up and coming designers become successful. He believes that diversity is the lifeblood of the creative industry and that diversity starts with educating and empowering the youth from underserved communities.




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