2021 Next Creative Leaders Jury

Marybeth Ledesma

Creative Director

Marybeth grew up in an immigrant neighborhood of Chicago, where different cultures and communities influenced her taste, her ideas and created a fascination for all types of humans. This experience paired with an interest in visual arts eventually turned into a career in advertising.

Since 2011, Marybeth has created notable campaigns for brands such as Google, COVERGIRL, Hennessy and The New York Times with a heightened focus on connecting to people.

At VCU Brandcenter, she co-created Museum of Endangered Sounds, a nostalgic site carrying sounds of dial-up and a VCR rewinding. Most recently, she helped create ‘Never Lost’, Facebook’s timely film about our collective resilience at the height of the pandemic.

In a world that feels increasingly divided, Marybeth continues to push herself and her teams to use advertising as a way to connect and expand our understanding of each other– through new ideas, uncommon stories and an open mind.




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