2021 Next Creative Leaders Jury

Nellie Santee

DAVID The Agency
Associate Creative Director

Nellie was born in the US and grew up in Brazil, where she also started my advertising career in GoiĆ¢nia. After finishing a Master's Degree in Communications, she moved to the US to advance in the Global market, starting at DAVID Miami in 2018. In less than two years with her work at DAVID, she has won 8 Cannes Lions, being 3 Gold, 4 D&AD Pencils and 6 One Show. She has also made the top 10 most awarded copywriters list in the Cannes Lions Festival and top 20 copywriters at the Drum list, being the only woman in the Cannes List and the highest ranked in the Drum list. In 2020, she has also been selected to be in The Creative 100 Adweek List for Rising Stars.

She has been part of the creative team responsible for PR worthy and award winning work for brands such as Budweiser, Burger King and Heinz Ketchup UK.




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