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Agency Sarsha Drakeford

Client NCL 2021 | Sarsha Drakeford


NCL 2021

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When posed with the question "how do we make our industry more brave?", I realised that creatives aren't the ones taking any risks by creating big, brave ideas... it's our clients. So we would create income insurance specifically for clients who took risks on our big crazy ideas. If one of our big ideas cost the client their job, D&AD would support them and help them find a new job with a company that valued creative bravery. So let's reward those who risk the most.

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I think empathy is the most important skill in our industry. When coming up with solutions for D&AD New Bloods I felt like the brief was wrong - agencies are filled with brave ideas that are crowding bottom drawers of talented creatives. But then, it's our job to think of brave ideas. By questioning the brief and empathising with the people creatives often see as restricting the creative process, we can better understand the process and improve the results for everyone.

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