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Come Out and Play

Agency Monica Gramunt de Azqueta

Client NCL 2021 | Monica Gramunt de Azqueta


NCL 2021

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This was a different brief. Paddy Power didn't give us a premise, but asked us to present whatever we wanted, with the only condition that they were huge ideas, the kind that make you feel uncomfortable as a client. So, of course, we focused on one of the main problems in sport: the lack of diversity. That's how we came to create the official LGBTQ footballer float, beautiful and brutal, but completely empty. The campaign was a success and we were lucky enough to see the positive reactions of the people in the parade itself, people excited, taking pictures, commenting on it. For me, that was the most exciting thing.

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When Paddy Power, a major sports betting house, came to the agency asking for a battery of big ideas, I was the only girl on the creative team. During the process, jokes and comments were made about my role in this brief, assuming that for being a woman I wouldn't have much idea about the sports insights of the moment.

Some time later I can say that my role in this project was to shut the mouths of many men in my team by providing a good idea, a good development of it, a lot of money to the agency, many international awards, and above all, a lot of personal satisfaction that even today still makes me smile when I think about it.

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