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2021 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work

The World is Waiting

Agency Monica Gramunt de Azqueta

Client NCL 2021 | Monica Gramunt de Azqueta


NCL 2021

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This brief arrived a few days after we were all confined. I wasn't completely depressed yet, so I took it with a lot of enthusiasm. We had to come up with an inspirational spot that didn't require filming. And I think we made the right thought: what would we like a travel agency to tell us right now that we can't even go out to the supermarket?

And this is what we said: there's no hurry, the world has been there for a long time and it's not going anywhere.

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My role in this brief was not only to come up with the idea, but more importantly, to manage the team remotely, and keep us all mentally and physically healthy :)

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