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You Can't Stop Us: Victory Swim

Agency Zeynep Orbay

Client NCL 2021 | Zeynep Orbay


NCL 2021

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A majority of women in the Middle East reach an age where they cover up and quit swimming because of multiple cultural barriers. Nike created the Victory Swim collection, a first of its kind range swimwear for modest women which is drag proof, lightweight and available everywhere. But creating the line was not enough. We needed to help women create a community.

The intention of the campaign was to not only set out to inspire women all across the Middle East to discover all the wonderful freedom and power that waits for them in the water, but also to know that when they do swim, they’re not alone. In fact, they’re there together with all the other female swimmers across the continent. With a focus on community and togetherness, the campaign film celebrates the victory of a young girl learning how to swim for the first time.
Not only is her mother there in the water teaching her, she’s joined by other women across the Middle East. Each and every one of them pushing her further, swimming, surfing, and rowing together with her, like a team in a relay race of continental proportions.

We featured the real Middle Eastern athletes training for their sport by including amputee and everyday athlete Zainab Al Eqabi, UAE National Rower Maha Al Ameri, and Manal Rostom, the Egyptian Nike running coach and triathlete who founded Surviving Hijab.

Also in Dubai, we sponsored a swimming pool (a pool where women could only swim for limited hours before) – and launched Nike’s first ever swim clinic for women by Olympian swimmer, Sarra Lajnef, making it available only for women.

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Me and my writer came up with the idea and I was in the process from the beginning till the end as the art director of the campaign. We spent time in the region to collaborate with them in every possible way, talked to many girls and women to understand the real insights about the cultural barriers.
We made sure we were very inclusive in terms of casting, we worked closely with the athletes to make sure we portrayed their authentic selves. For example, the mother and daughter were a real mother and daughter, we tried to keep every detail real.

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