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2021 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work

The New National Anthem Edition

Agency Yasmina Boustani

Client NCL 2021 | Yasmina Boustani


NCL 2021

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When we came up with this idea, Lebanon was going though its 6th revolution and as we had witnessed in the past revolutions, it often resulted in violence. This time we noticed that there was an opportunity to empower the active role of women, propelling peace. Our tool for motivation was simple and linked to a key insight:
The Lebanese national anthem itself had omitted the word women from a line that said that Lebanon was the birthplace of men. We acted on this by engaging in a simple yet sound act - we included the word women in that verse and printed in the front page of An-Nahar.
After Annahar issued the updated anthem, the women of the revolution took over the front line – turning the new anthem into the chant of the revolution. Their impact was so immense the whole revolution was dubbed as “The Female Revolution”.
This has led to an enormous conversation in the country. Some people hated that we changed the national anthem but a lot of people supported us - especially the women, who came out on the streets and join the revolution ensuring there was peace maintained avoiding the offspring of previously seen violence.

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My Role in This Project
This is a project that is very dear to my heart. My team partner and I were in mid-protest, taking part in the 6th revolution that Lebanon was going through, and this is where we saw an opportunity to amplify the voice and role of women in the revolution. We realized when we were singing our National Anthem that women were not included in one of its verses, so without thinking twice we spoke about our idea to our CEO and he directly was on board.

My partner and I were the main creative leads on the campaign. We worked closely with a team of designers and copywriters in Dubai and Beirut, to bring the campaign to life.
I firmly believe that the best creative work is work that can influence change and make an impact, and this campaign did exactly that - by inspiring a whole nation and especially women to lead the Lebanese revolution. In a country where women aren't able to give their nationality to their kids, in a country where they occupy only 4% of the parliament seats - strong Lebanese women were breaking stereotypes. They were standing as walls in front of the army, taking the microphone away from men after decades of male voices, power kicking the bodyguard and in return this whole revolution.

This campaign has secured many awards, and a lot of firsts for me. To name a few:
One Show - Best of Discipline - Print - First ever in MENA
Cannes Lions: 1 Gold - 3 Silvers - 1 Bronze
Immortal Award - First in MENA
D&AD Pencil
Dubai Lynx: 4 Grands Prix

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