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Agency Yasmina Boustani

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NCL 2021

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When Lebanon was plunged into its 6th revolution, women took the lead and turned it into the first ever peaceful revolution. In a country where women don't have equal rights and face massive underrepresentation in the government, this show of strength helped ensure a whooping 400% increase in female representation in the new cabinet.
However, while this bold act of defiance and leadership was lauded by all, there were many who criticized them for speaking up, for staying out late and not knowing what they were doing. An- Nahar, Lebanon's leading newspaper wanted to show its support for women, celebrate their achievement and inject new life into the movement.
We found countless posts on social media that reflected the patriarchal mindset entrenched in Lebanese culture. We took these sexist statements and turned them into a powerful print campaign by juxtaposing them with real, raw photos of women leading the revolution - turning the criticism into positive and inspiring pieces of communication.
The campaign injected a new sense of purpose into the movement and the nation. Women groups lavished praise on An-Nahar, once again solidifying its reputation as a publication that always stands for the greater good.

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I was part of the team that came up with this idea. We worked me, the CD and a copywriter closely in order to bring the idea to life.
I led the art and visual interpretation of this project and worked thoroughly on the executions of the campaign.
Seeped in my nationality and sense of self, the representation of women in Lebanon is something that is very personal to me. I focused on the campaign from the agenda to eradicate the stereotypes associated with women. Carefully curating the visual message was important as it set the tone of what the campaign was serving, after all - a picture can speak a thousand words.

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