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Good Ideas Deserve to be Found

Agency Jackie Jinse Moran

Client NCL 2021 | Jackie Jinse Moran


NCL 2021

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A campaign that’s about ideas (that you see all around) And how Facebook Personalized Ads help the good ideas get found.

This new campaign for Facebook launched amid hullabaloo. Competitors were making moves to sway the public view. We needed to show everyone what makes this platform great. Remind them of delights that Facebook ads serve on a plate. We took a course of action many take in desperate times: And launched a robust argument composed in silly rhymes.

Our films depict a world where really great ideas abound. They show that personalized ads are what can get them found. From yoga goats to colored totes, the pacing is relentless— A brightly colored cavalcade to leave the viewer breathless, All orchestrated by a voice that gets inside your bones:The inimitable stylings of our beloved Miss Grace Jones.

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My Role in This Project
The brief for this project was a tough one, make an ad about ads. What really got me excited about it is when I learned about the majority of SMBs that could only afford to advertise through facebook personalized ads. Without this tool, they would have no other means to get the word out about their special brand of peanut butter or how the sweaters they knit with 6 arm holes. It was businesses like these that we wanted to highlight, the fun, unique, sometimes off-kilter ideas that find their people who happen to be looking for just that thing. Working with David Wilson on the project was a huge joy, not only because he is an amazing director, but also because we were able to connect on a different level from being LGBTQ+ identifying creatives in the advertising industry. It was important for me to allow him his creative freedom and perspective as a director and to keep the process as inclusive as possible. This came into play when he wanted to cast the musicians FAKA, a queer identifying duo. We had to push the client to understand why it was important for us to have representation in all forms and why their styling had to be true and authentic to who they were as people.

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