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Agency Teresa Nyamorambo Makori

Client NCL 2021 | Teresa Nyamorambo Makori


NCL 2021

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With the 2020 pandemic, parents and children were stuck at home. Parents had to become the cooks, cleaners, and even hairstylists for their children. 90% of single dads admitted to one struggle; grooming their daughters’ hairs. Google and YouTube searches for do-it-yourself hairstyles had significantly shot up during the covid pandemic.

We asked ourselves, how could Darling Kenya, the largest hair extensions brand in the country, step in when dads needed them the most? On Father’s day, we created a downloadable manual that helped dads easily manage their daughter’s hair.

The manual helped them understand the type of afro-textured hair their daughter had, which helped them understand the right combs to use and even went into the proper night and morning routine to follow to maintain their daughter’s hair. It also included a detailed styling description with four simple styles that they could achieve with their daughter’s hair. We supplemented the manual with tutorial videos online that dads could follow to create cute hairstyles for their little one. This not only helped with a huge grooming concern, it also gave fathers and daughters an extra occasion to bond that they never had before.

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Isobar Kenya

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I conceptualised and helped execute this campaign.

Growing up, my father had more bonding activities to do with my brothers compared to me. From playing football in the front lawn, to watching football at home. Even trips to the salon were to drop and pick me up, while with my brothers, they would all go and get a shave together. One thing that bonded us was our love of books.

As Darling Kenya's brief for Fathers day came through during a pandemic year, this thought became really strong in my mind. It was a year where parents and children were stuck at home for longer than usual, and with everything closed, I wondered what they were doing to bond with each other. Most especially single dads with young daughters. I wondered, with everything closed, even salons, if they may be struggling. Upon inquiring with our SEO expert, I realised that the search for do-it-yourself videos had significantly shot up during covid as compared to pre-covid. Especially do-it-yourself hairstyles.

And that is how the idea for Daddy Can Do Hair; a downloadable manual that gave easy step-by-step instructions on all the basics of taking care of your daughter's afro-textured hair, was borne. I wrote down the manual, and together with my art director we designed the manual that mansplained hair-care to fathers of little girls, without all the complicated nuances.
To make it more practical, we supplemented the downloadable manual with tutorial videos done by men showing different simple ways of caring for and styling your Kenyan daughter's hair. Daddy Can Do Hair campaign not only helped with a huge grooming concern, it also gave fathers and daughters an extra occasion to bond that they never had.

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