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Agency Teresa Nyamorambo Makori

Client NCL 2021 | Teresa Nyamorambo Makori


NCL 2021

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A life-saving recipe.

Every day, millions of Kenyans flood the internet to watch food recipe videos.
And with hundreds of views on their own chicken recipe videos, Kenchic did not disappoint. In October, during Breast Cancer Awareness month, Kenya’s healthiest chicken brand wanted to take their message of good health one step further with a life-saving recipe.
Kenchic hijacked what seemed like a normal chicken recipe video and turned it into a step-by-step breast cancer self-check video. With 40,000 women in Kenya being diagnosed with breast cancer every year and even more going undiagnosed, Kenchic decided to use Kenyan’s love for cooking to educate on the first and most important step of preventing late detection, a self-check. By using an actual Kenchic chicken breast to guide the audience, Kenchic was also able to bypass Facebook censorship laws and successfully launch their breast cancer campaign. The life-saving recipe encouraged Kenchic foodies to check themselves and inspired their loved ones to check too. It came alive in-store through self-check guides on Kenchic chicken breasts packs, sold in October.

The campaign left a lasting impact with the video getting over 238,000 views online, 700,000 impressions and an engagement of over 263,000, creating the perfect recipe to take Kenya one step closer to becoming a healthier nation.

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Isobar Kenya - Dentsu

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My Role in This Project
I was a senior copywriter in this campaign.

They say you only have two fears when you are born, the fear of noises and the fear of falling down. As a graduate of Molecular Biology, I quickly added the fear of developing cancer to my list of human fears. Because it was such a rampant and indiscriminate disease. Most especially those specifically affecting women, such as breast cancer.

And that is why this campaign is very close to my heart. For Kenyan women, breast cancer examinations are only accessible through an organised free clinic at work/church/in your community or if your doctor recommends it for one reason or the other. Therefore, because most women don't know how to self check, they risk late detection of breast cancer. With 40,000 women in Kenya being diagnosed with breast cancer yearly and even more going undiagnosed, more women need to master self-checking.

Because it's illegal to show a woman's breasts on most social media platforms, it had been impossible to do any education on breast cancer self-checking on these platforms. So on Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we found a sneaky and unique way of both bypassing these online censorship laws and educating women on how to conduct a breast cancer self-check from the comfort of their homes.

We used a content format Kenyan women always frequented: recipe videos.

We embarked on creating a life-saving recipe by disguising a breast cancer self-check tutorial as a Kenchic chicken breast recipe. Before we cooked the chicken, we used the raw Kenchic chicken breasts to mimic human female ones , and were able to provide a clear step-by-step simple tutorial on how to conduct a breast cancer self-check. These instructions were also put on the Kenchic Chicken Breast packs, which were sold during that month of October.

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