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Agency Teresa Nyamorambo Makori

Client NCL 2021 | Teresa Nyamorambo Makori


NCL 2021

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The Kenyan government had decreed that Kenya's 25-year-old 1000 shilling note, the largest denomination of notes, was being replaced with a new one. Kenyans were allocated a couple of months to ensure they had exchanged their old notes for the new one. However, due to the last minute nature of Kenyans, a lot of them stood to go at massive losses as they were yet to exchange their money. To make it worse, almost all businesses were refusing to accept the old note as the deadline approached.

Because Kenyans will wait to do everything else but have a good time, Oaks and Corks, an online alcohol delivery company, stepped in in the last 33 hours, with a simple post that communicating that Kenyans could exchange their old notes for bottles of whiskey. In 24 hours, they sold out, and then took care of the exchange of the old notes themselves at the bank, while Kenyans drank merrily in relief.

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I am a bit of a last-minute person. However, I comfort myself in the knowledge that this isn't a unique trait I have. It is shared as a whole by my country-people. Kenyans will wait until the last minute to do anything apart from party. From weddings to lunches, to weightier tasks like filing taxes or even getting rid of an old currency before the set expiry date.
And because we are consistent in this trait, I was seeing this play once again when the government declared that our original 1000-shilling note was soon to become a relic and that everyone needed to rid themselves of it either by going to the bank to exchange or using them up, by a certain date. True to form, three days to deadline, there were already twitter conversations debating (hoping) whether there would be a deadline extension. Because there’s always a deadline extension.

That's when the idea struck, to find a way to ensure those who were not able to make it to the bank to exchange their old notes for new ones would not go at a loss. Towards the last day before the deadline, when all businesses were refusing to accept the old note as payment from Kenyans,I approached one of Kenya's largest online wines and spirits delivery business,Oaks and Corks, and proposed to make it the only business accepting old notes. They would deliver alcohol on order, and collect old notes as payment.

With 33 hours before the government's deadline, my designer and I created a simple post communicating that Kenyans could exchange their old notes for bottles of whiskey. Oaks and Corks sold out within 24 hours, and most importantly were able to exchange the notes at the bank on time while Kenyans drank merrily in relief.

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