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Agency Teresa Nyamorambo Makori

Client NCL 2021 | Teresa Nyamorambo Makori


NCL 2021

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Darling, Kenya's largest hair extension company, was rebranding across all their African markets, and wanted to communicate about freedom to choose whatever hair makes you feel beautiful. The tagline was "Find Your Beautiful".
From the insight that there are stereotypes holding women back from exploring different hairstyles, an idea was born to conduct a social experiment to expose these stereotypes and highlight just how erred they were. In this way, we aimed to encourage women to be bold, authentic, and be free to choose whatever hairstyle their heart so desires.

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Isobar Kenya

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As an African woman, one of the privileges I felt we had as I grew up is the diversity of hairstyles we can wear. However, there are hairstyles I would steer away from no matter how much I wanted to try them out, such long butt-length weaves or dreadlocks, because of the cultural stereotypes surrounding them.

Darling, the largest hair extensions brand, was rebranding. Their rebranding campaign: "Find Your Beautiful", was anchored on encouraging African women to feel free to move from one hairstyle to another and explore what makes them feel beautiful. I saw this as an opportunity to expose the stereotypes that may prevent women from being truly free to explore hairstyles by orchestrating a social experiment that brought different women and men together and was structured to allow everyone to express themselves freely. I was the writer for this and was involved in scripting, casting and directing the social experiment as the teaser campaign for the rebrand. In this, I aimed to encourage women to be bold, authentic, and be free to choose whatever hairstyle their heart so desires.

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