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Bonds Out Now

Agency Ellie Dunn

Client NCL 2021 | Ellie Dunn


NCL 2021

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For LGBTQIA+ youth, coming out can still be difficult. So to celebrate the release of Bonds’ first ever Pride range, we created Bonds OUT NOW – a campaign that transformed a common fashion phrase into a powerful mechanism of pride and support. Launched in partnership with queer youth charity Minus18, OUT NOW featured 55 everyday Aussies from the queer community sharing how long they’d been ‘out now’ for, as a way to help queer youth feel supported to live out and proud.

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My Role in This Project

As senior copywriter on Bonds OUT NOW, my role was coming up with the creative concept and overseeing the entire project.

My experience as an out and proud queer creative definitely gave me a unique point of view on this project. In particular, my coming out journey – made possible only by the brave LGBTQIA+ role models that came before me – was the basis for the campaign idea.

With casting, it was pivotal that we had accurate representation from across the LGBTQIA+ community. A process that sadly involved some difficult client conversations with my client, but one that I’m proud of none the less.

Being a campaign for the queer community, I also ensured that we assembled a queer crew to bring the idea to life: from the photographer, to the stylist, to the videographer, we utilised queer talent wherever possible. In doing so, we created a beautifully safe and supportive environment on set. And being part of that energy is a feeling I’ll never forget.

From the very beginning, Bonds OUT NOW was a project dear to my heart. The fact that it’s gone on to become my most awarded campaign only makes me love it more.

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