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2021 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work


Agency Nopparath Eksuwancharoen

Client NCL 2021 | Nopparath Eksuwancharoen


NCL 2021

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Due to alcohol sale times restriction law in Thailand, people cannot buy alcohol during the day. Therefore, all alcohol brands have done the same tactics connecting drinkers with on-trade promotion campaign at night and give away merchandise items. SangSom, the largest Thai Rum Brand want to create conversations without times restriction.

Sangsom Turned ‘Limited Sale Times’ Into ‘Limited Edition’.
To get more brand love and hype from young generation, SangSom playfully hijacked the alcohol restriction times and turned to sell the ‘Limited Edition’. We redesigned boring merchandise Items that other brands usually give away to SangSom items that consumers seize for during the day times.

“SangSom AM/PM Collection”, the fashion items that 1 consumer will see the cheap price in daytime but insanely expensive price at night.
During daytime, people cannot buy alcohol, the price goes down. However at night, the price insanely skyrockets to 1,000 times more expensive making it absurd to buy. Because, we want them to go party instead of shopping.

To Launch SangSom ‘AM/PM’ Collection, the brand releases online fashion lookbook collection. Each photo shows both regular AM price and insanely expensive PM price. This creates curiosity and buzz to among of audiences and fashion community like Vogue and Preaw Magazine.

Using Time-Based ad strategy to make sure that the same audience see both regular AM price and shocking expensive PM price. The algorithm will run different price on each item in different times to all social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This urge target to share, get back to engage with campaign message and buy the fashion items. The ads reach audiences to purchase via brand’s social channel or get the campaign idea from chatbot welcome message.

This project is:

SOUR Bangkok

My Role in This Project
Client (Sangsom Thai rum brand) came up with normal boring merchandise items that they want to sell it.
Most creative I know will blame the client about not making the product interesting enough so we could do interesting commercial on it.
But I see the challenge, the more boring the product is... the more creative I could do on the advertising piece.

I decided to go playful on the creative part. Played with the normal restriction alcohol sale time that normally client don't want to play around with. (cause of government policy)
Turn the 'Limited Sale Times’ Into ‘Limited Edition’. And we do not go easy on the details, even how much the price would be multiple by at night... we decide to put the price so high...that the consumers will have to be looking at the ads and have the needs to rub their eyes twice to see that does that price even real?!

And the art direction of the campaign will need to be demonstrate how the price will be different by AM and PM. So I decide to use double photo style, both day and night at the same shot. So that we can compare the price in the same photo.

I was glad the result were pretty amazing.
Not only that the consumers get the idea right away, they also get the humour and the irony of the idea... some even comment of needing to sell their car to buy our shirt.
And furthermore, all the items in the collection sold out in just only two days!

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