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2021 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work

SangSom Bucket For 1

Agency Nopparath Eksuwancharoen

Client NCL 2021 | Nopparath Eksuwancharoen


NCL 2021

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Those who’ve been to a famous ‘full moon party’ have probably heard of the ‘Sharing Bucket’.
It’s a common sight at parties in Thailand, where party-goers share a drink with different straws from the same bucket. Groups would sit together and pass the bucket around, sipping and sharing. Sounds fun, right?

But in this COVID era, it also sounds quite risky. As Thailand is one of the most successful countries in containing the pandemic, it’s also one of the first to lift its lockdown regulations. As of now, the ‘new normal’ life has resumed in the land of smiles. With people getting back together, but with some precautionary measures and new etiquette, such as the saying that ‘sharing is not caring’ anymore.


Without changing drinkers’ behavior, we decided to redesign our bucket instead.
SangSom Thai rum brand is first to make sure that Thais and visitors can still continue to enjoy this unique Thai party sharing culture through the bucket with the mixers of their choices, with consideration and social responsibility.


We redesign Thai’s iconic “Sharing Bucket” to be a “Bucket For 1”, the bucket to ensure people not to share drinks, the No.1 cause of virus spreader in parties.

The new design is made perfect for individuals, and has a special lid design that lets party-goers twist and turn to mark their own initials to prevent mix-up. Giving a whole new meaning to responsible drinking and partying.
SangSom “Bucket For 1”. It’s designed for one… but safe for everyone.

This project is:

SOUR Bangkok

My Role in This Project
Here comes the COVID-19 era in advertising.
The client was rushing to us to discuss the COVID-19 situation when it happened in Thailand.
Since there was a lockdown nationwide, selling rum alcohol seems like a very unreasonable thing to do at the moment.
But the client still wanted to do something about the situation, they had good will...they wanted to spend their advertising budget to help the people.... but at the same time they still wanted to sell their rum.

So my opinion right away is to find long term solution that the brand has the place to be in it. We need to offer something for the society... not just 5 min-long commercial piece that tell people how to act or to feel during COVID times. We needed to come up with something that could change people's behavior to be safer during COVID.
So I came up with the idea to change the only signature SangSom rum bucket (if you ever be in the full moon, you once hands on these bucket before!)
Because these bucket were made to share drink (multiple straws in the same bucket) which is so not safe in the pandemic time.

The biggest challenge for me was to convince the client to change their heritage product. Luckily they agreed that the brand needed to act on something and really help the people in crisis. With multiple 3D and product developments, the redesigned bucket was born. The bucket made for singular, with the lid that can mark your name. The product that client and agency developed together to really help the people to be a little bit safer... and also still be able to enjoy a rum on their hands. Cheers!

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