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2021 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work

SangSom Portfunlio

Agency Nopparath Eksuwancharoen

Client NCL 2021 | Nopparath Eksuwancharoen


NCL 2021

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak situation worldwide causing lock down to almost every industry. Many Thai artists suffer from canceled exhibitions, closed weekend markets and loss of commission.

“SangSom”, one of the most famous Thai rum brand has a long history in supporting Thai artists, who are the subculture of the brand. Naturally, we wanted to help artists get through these tough times. We found that during lockdown, at home alcohol consumption has increased. So we decided to hijack these at home drinking moments, with something that everyone loves ‘A Drinking Card Game’.

“THE PORTFUNLIO” A matching art game that matches more than cards. It matches artists with brands. In this special edition, each matching pair of cards feature the work of a Thai artist along with each artist’s name and contact info. The artworks were selected from more than 800 submissions.

We distributed the artists ‘Portfunlio’ to owners and marketers of companies that could put their beautiful work to use in business like fashion, cafes, restaurants, hotels, spas and beauty clinics, event advertising agencies and more. The campaign success reflects that special edition cards game is a stress relief tool and its connection among art lovers during these difficult times with art preferably over a glass of SangSom.

• Artwork submissions from over 700 artists in 2 week.
• 2,000 Special Edition Cards were swiftly full reserved in 55 seconds.
• Branded art community FB Group Growth 500% in 1 week.
• Earned Media and PR valued 212,000 USD.
• More than 500 DMs from Yong Artists showing appreciation over the campaign.

This project is:

SOUR Bangkok

My Role in This Project
Another project in the covid19 period.

SangSom always supported Thai local artist in many ways.
And when pandemic happened, they rush to us with the fact that the 'Artist' are the group of people that effect badly from covid19 and in the status that need help and support... but they didn't get much attention from the society or even the government.

So they ask us what the brand can do to help these 'Thai Artist'

My pov is to create the campaign that still be able to help artist but in a delightful way... not in a very CSR way.
Because SangSom is still a rum brand that need to have a light and fun mood and tone.

So this became a challenge to me.
The challenge to find the right balance of the campaign, both still helping the artist (do good way) and still having SangSom identity (fun way) in it.
I thought of creating the campaign that both helping the artist and yet regular consumers still be able to enjoy drinking at the same time.... how could that be possible.

So I lead the team to finding that right balanced. And it became the idea 'SangSom Portfunlio' campaign.

And since I'm the art based creative, when Thai Artist submit their work in the competition. I was also a part of the committee to cast the vote of which work to be publish on the cards. So I tried to select as much variety of work as possible. The selected published work need to has the beauty, uniqueness and also reflect on diversity of art direction styles.
So when we see the whole picture of all the works included in the deck of card, we see many style in one deck.

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