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2021 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work

Valentine's Sound Of Love

Agency Nopparath Eksuwancharoen

Client NCL 2021 | Nopparath Eksuwancharoen


NCL 2021

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Valentine’s SOUND OF LOVE
A new approach to say “LOVE” from sound wave to 6 types of flowers

Valentine’s Day in Thailand, as usual, rose price is skyrocket compared to flower rate and 5-6 times higher than normal price.
Is it imaginable…to let other flowers say what’s in your heart like roses do?

Idea: Sound of Love
According to the survey from Thailand cultural ministry poll, there are top 6 dialogs Thai people express most in Valentine’s Day such as “I Love You”, “Happy Valentine’s Day”, etc.
So we bring the 6 dialogues and transform them to sound wave. Different waves and patterns are designed to different flowers.
They are ideas and tools for consumer to order the different flowers rather than roses from the flower shop or be sent as the digital love letter in the day of love. This is the chance for other types of flowers to be not only special but also meaningful valentine gift.

After launch in Valentine’s day, sharing on social media reached more than 5000 shares within 1 hour. These digital flowers went viral with positive social exposure. National media and leading magazine requested for exclusive interview for publication. The digital “Sound of Love” flowers have been spread to express love all over chat platforms and online communities. Free media and PR value achieve 5.8 million baht (180,000 USD) in one day with zero media budget.

1 “Love Dad & Mom, I’ll be good person and focus on study” sound wave transformed to be Gerbera.
2 “Love Dad & Mom so much” sound wave transformed to be Amaryllis.
3 “Love Ya Babe” sound wave transformed to be Hydrangea.
4 “Happy Valentine’s Day” sound wave transformed to be Aster.
5 “Love You Most” sound wave transformed to be Cosmos.
6 “I Love You” sound wave transformed to be Carnation.

This project is:
Personal/passion project

SOUR Bangkok

My Role in This Project
SOUR Bangkok is an independent digital agency that specialised on women insight. The company created many campaign targeting on female products or female target.

So when the Valentine's Day approached, I was thinking of creating passion project from the company. But using the valentine occasion to create the conversation to the women and the society. Connect the advertising agency world to regular women outside the industry.

As and Art Based Creative Director, I like to visualised things surrounding me. Imagine and sketching stuff.
And I happened to figure that if I curved the sound wave in the circle shape, it resembled the shape of the flower.
And that sound wave visual to resemble flowers had became the centre of the campaign. The digital flower that created from 6 loving dialogues.

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