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2021 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work

Axe Your Ex by Tinder

Agency Pooja Manek

Client NCL 2021 | Pooja Manek


NCL 2021

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Valentine’s Day is a cluttered day for brands. And for dating apps, it’s like Black Friday. But instead of making people match on Valentine’s Day and celebrate love, something you’d expect a dating app to do, Tinder India helped singles get past their past. A day before Valentine’s Day Tinder India admin noticed a seemingly simple tweet highlighting the disappointment in having an ex ruin good pictures. Within minutes, the brand announced an unexpected service - Axe Your Ex by Tinder, a service that will photoshop exes out of pictures in real time and replace them with the fans’ true love, be it pizza, icecreams or a tree. While the world was out to enforce connection, we were about the tough job: erasing exes, out of pictures, out of mind and definitely out of heart. 50% of all brand impressions in February in 2 days. 147.5% engagement growth MoM. 49% faster follower growth rate. Owned 84% SoV of all category conversations.

This zero-budget real-time campaign went on to win 2 Blue elephants and 5 baby blue elephants at Kyoorius Creative Awards in India.

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Dentsu Webchutney

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Since the time we won the Tinder account, my aim has been to change the perception of dating apps and make comms more inclusive in the Dating, Sex, and Relationships space. Dating apps globally, and in this case India have a massive gender problem. There are nearly three times as many men as women on online dating platforms in India. Why? Women don't feel as safe on dating apps and think that dating apps have been designed keeping men in mind. I wanted to change that. And to craft the DSR narrative for Tinder from a woman-first lens.
So, right from setting up an all-women team to correcting the tone of voice on Tinder social to tailor it for women, the attempt has been to get more women to subscribe to our social, and ergo our app, by finding themselves with relatable content served daily. Our first win on the account? People on social mentioning that the Tinder admin is a woman. Over the course of the year we also managed to impact the skewed gender ratio on our social from 88% men:12% women to 67% men: 33% women.
This particular piece also stemmed from a woman-first insight: loving to upload great pictures on social, but hating if an ex is present in there, making them futile for future use. While the campaign was crafted to be gender agnostic, the aim was to own the day (Valentine's Day) and the Share of Voice on social on the most cluttered day for dating apps.

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