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2021 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Winner's Work

UNSILENCED - La parole aux sourds

Agency Erika Reyes Angel

Client NCL 2021 | Erika Reyes Angel


NCL 2021

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Sign language isn’t a niche language. Over 70 million people depend on it to communicate. And yet, the majority of us can’t identify the basic signs. We created Unsilenced to help La Parole Aux Sourds - a non-profit that teaches sign language - draw attention to this cultural blindspot and bridge the gap between the deaf and hearing communities.

We launched a music video for what appeared at first to be an instrumental track by French electro-pop duo Haute. Only once viewers reached the end of the video did they realize that the dancer they’d been watching had been singing the lyrics in sign language the entire time.

Before Unsilenced I didn’t know the struggles and how much we as a society ignore deaf people on a daily basis. It was in the process of having conversations with Billy (Deaf Dancer), Gabrielle and Ariel (Deaf Choreographer) that we started to understand that the problem is deeper, as in any discrimination, than it might look. It was eye-opening to realize that even before the campaign was released it had changed someone’s misconceptions: my own.

If “Unsilenced” generated half the impact that it created in me, I consider it a success.

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My creative director had an amazing idea and I was privileged to be able to develop it together with him. It was the first time I was “jumping” on an idea it wasn’t mine from the get go and the fear of not making it ownable was always in my head. It was a fight between myself and my ego but slowly along the process I found a way to contribute and add my point-of-view in every step of the way, putting a little bit of me in every piece we had to develop.

Besides being the art director in this project, which I enjoyed to the fullest, I think the most important part for me was to write the lyrics of the song together with my copywriter and the co- founder of La Parole Aux Sourds. It was eye opening to have close conversations with Gabrielle Portonoi, about the struggles of deaf people in society. To be honest, most of our role was about listening. Listening to her and to her parent’s (who are both deaf) stories and learning about people she knows that are breaking the stereotypes. We were just narrators of these stories that strive in the deaf community.

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