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THE FRIENDLY PRE-ROLL - Friends - Netflix

Agency Erika Reyes Angel

Client NCL 2021 | Erika Reyes Angel


NCL 2021

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The brief was: How to communicate Netflix now has all of Friend’s seasons on their platform. Here you have 10K, go and have fun.

The challenge of this piece was that it is not a new tv show, but for someone like me that grew up in the 90s, it’s one of the tv shows you must know. It was a huge part of the pop culture during the 10 years the show lasted. And even now we can all relate with 95% of the jokes and adventures of Joey, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Ross and Phoebe.

I say 95% because we need to leave behind the 5 % of the jokes that were straight misogynistic. It is an old show and unfortunately this got mixed in the wonderful recipe Friends was. But if we can pass those 5% we can celebrate Monica’s and Rachel’s sexual liberation, Rachels’ drive for her career and Phoebes… well everything about Phoebe.

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As a huge Friends fan (shouldn’t brag about it but I have watched all the seasons about 14 times) this brief was everything I wanted and everything most of the creatives at Ogilvy didn’t. So, at the end, luck me.

I was involved in this project from beginning to the end. And from the beginning I mean even the part of having to motivate myself and my partner, to invest ourselves in a brief that didn’t sound good at all. No money, no media, no new show launch. Just 10K and all the old good Friends’ episodes. My partner and I at Ogilvy took the brief as we like to take all the briefs, with the hopes something good can come out of it while we have some fun in the process. And I’m not going to lie, we did.

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