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No Room for Racism

Agency Jessica Giles

Client NCL 2021 | Jessica Giles


NCL 2021

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Racism in football is a massive issue that continues to grow, and the Premier League wanted to step up and have a voice. After the success of their last campaign, which focussed on ending racism on the field and in the stadium, they wanted to create something that let the world know their position was that racism was not acceptable ANYWHERE. So we worked with a diverse and incredibly talented team to make that statement heard loud and proud.
The film was created using existing footage of football games, players and initiatives that the Premier League has created to dedicate themselves to anti-racism, as well as user generated content and new footage that we shot to add additional authenticity to the spot. We utilised dynamic animations and editing styles to give this footage a new flavour and energy, and a building custom music track and soundscape to create separate acts within the narrative. All of this combined to create a feeling of momentum and of a movement that the entire nation could join and rally behind.

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I was an Associate Creative Director on this project from the initial briefing through to delivery. While I won't lie and say that I was particularly knowledgable about the football aspect of the client and initial brief, I knew that racism— and especially racism amongst football fans— is such an incredibly important topic of conversation and that this was one of those film pieces that could legitimately make a difference. With that in mind, I knew that this project really needed to be done right and with an extreme level of care and consideration. I supervised a more junior team on this campaign, helping them to navigate the complicated process of selling the idea to client, having to work with multiple partners for creation and delivery of assets, deal with incredibly difficult timelines, and also worked directly with our agency's internal diversity team to make sure that the final product would be as inclusive as possible. I helped to assemble an incredible team of professionals to create the final film, maintaining diversity throughout so that our final product would be as authentic as possible. The creation of the film was quite a tricky one, having to ensure all football teams were included evenly, utilising existing footage, while trying to create additional content during Covid and lockdown restrictions, but I believe the hard work paid off and we were able to create a standout piece of work that sparked conversation and was widely shared amongst the community.

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