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The Nicebot

Agency Jessica Giles

Client NCL 2021 | Jessica Giles


NCL 2021

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Every 60 seconds, something mean is posted on the internet. So we set out to make the internet a nicer place, one tweet at a time. Working with Champions Against Bullying, we created the Nicebot: the first Twitter-sanctioned spambot, designed to tweet out nice compliments and comments to random users across the globe every 30 seconds. It's a spambot for good. We also created 3D printed versions of the Nicebot powered by Raspberry Pi, that livestreamed the comments as they went out. Each Nicebot was sent out to an influencer so that they could spread the positivity further. The first 2 weeks alone reached over 1.4 million users in 71 countries, with no end in sight as the Nicebot was programmed with the goal of eventually tweeting one nice message to every single user on Twitter. All 300 million of them.

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My creative partner and I proactively reached out to Champions Against Bullying during our time at Deutsch NY with a film that we had written and produced on our own with next to no budget, and they loved it so much that they became regular clients. For our second project and first official brief, we wanted to tackle online bullying in a unique way. We created a character called the Nicebot, a Twitter robot dedicated to making the world a better place. I designed the character entirely on my own, illustrating not only his form but also the look and feel and a custom typeface for communications. I worked closely with production partners to create 3D printed versions of the Nicebot that were sent out to influencers, fitting them with Raspberry Pi so that the kind messages could be seen outside of the Twitter platform. And the majority of the production happened while I was moving abroad to the UK and working remotely--my first foray into working with a team in a remote capacity (and great practice several years before Covid would force remote teamwork to become the norm!)

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