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2021 Next Creative Leaders Work - NCL Work

Air Max Cloud

Agency Eduarda Nieto

Client NCL 2021 | Eduarda Nieto


NCL 2021

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The Air Max Cloud is an AR e-commerce experience that encourages people to look at the sky and relieve the pressure, to look at the sky and have their moment of rest and leisure amid chaos. We created this experience to inspire the present through culture, art, music and technology.

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In the Air Max Cloud project I participated as the main Art Director, my participation was from thinking the idea as a whole until the moment of choosing which artists would be part of the project, as well as what cut we would give for their speeches and how this project was going to sell itself to the world.

In the technical part of design I could have the possibility to create the platform where people accessed the contents and bought their sneakers. Every landing page and layouts that communicated the idea.

This campaign had an impact on me from the moment it started, as it brought visibility to people I identify with. Independent artists from the periphery, can shine in the campaign of a great brand. Putting a beautiful idea in the world can be cool, but creating an idea that has a voice within a community that is part of who I am and my daily life is completely different. Bringing people into the creative process also transforms any idea, which is precisely why I believe this was a transformative campaign that brought creative relief to a lot of people, but that boosted creatives from the inside out.

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