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The Blue Light

Agency Eduarda Nieto

Client NCL 2021 | Eduarda Nieto


NCL 2021

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The blue light movement emerged so that all domestic violence can be seen. The electricity bill is something that does not go unnoticed in anyone's home, so we created the blue electricity bill to warn about
small signs that are also considered to be violence.

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In the Luz Azul project my role was to be an art director, but in practice I was also the person who creatively led the project. We received this project in order to help women victims of domestic violence at a time when this has worsened: the pandemic. All the insights we had at that time were hopeless, after all we are locked in the house and the protective measures and ways to identify these problems and enter someone's house became even more difficult. A light bill cannot go unnoticed in anyone's home, a way to ask for help or help those who most need care.

Visually, I set out to create an intervention in the common electricity bill we receive at home. As in the film, we had the illustrator Pegge as an artist, I got down to business and painted the electricity bill we sent home to influencers who raised help for the NGOs involved along with a blue lamp that was part of the movement.

In the film we released with Stink, I was also able to help build the film's script better by bringing an art direction that spoke to the idea of ​​blue light, bringing this narrative to the film and to the illustrations, in addition to proposing to the committee of diversity (of which I am part) of the AKQA bring personal stories of women into the film, thinking about snippets of ageism, LGBTQIA+, etc.

This project developed me a lot within AKQA, I could understand my affinity with leadership, I could see the ability I have to negotiate with the producer within a pre-established film so that the project is fairer, more in line with reality and that embrace diversity.

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