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Freezer Beerboard

Agency Gabi Marcatto

Client NCL 2021 | Gabi Marcatto


NCL 2021

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Brazilians like ridiculously cold beer. Amstel Beerboard Freezer used this cultural insight to create an innovative and convenient billboard during the Brazilian Carnival. We mapped out the bus stops that would be on the route to the city’s main street parades, and we adapted them with a technology that froze beers within seconds. Each billboard was equipped with an interior technology based on solid carbon dioxide (CO2) that reached up to -70 °C [-94 °F]. When in contact with the aluminum can, it is cooled in 60 seconds. You just had to put the can in the hole, press the timer, and the beer got ice cold. So for the first time, revelers were able to bring together two of the things they like best: cold beer and Carnival, and our brand has managed to be in the heart of the Carnival.

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J. Walter Thompson

My Role in This Project
In Brazil, Carnival is a sacred moment, especially for a beer brand. Our client's biggest problem was that the competing brand had all the street carnival rights, which results in no other beer being allowed to brand the biggest party in the country. This problem gave us an idea that, while not illegal, could result in some lawsuits. For it to happen in the ideal way, we had to have a very strong partnership with the client and, above all, a lot of trust on his part with us. In the end, the campaign, which required a lot of courage on both sides, was a success and had a brilliant result next to the competing beer brand.

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